Golden Willow Downs is a professional dog breeder that specializes in English Cream Golden
Retriever puppies. We believe in healthy dog breeding and that revolves around having
the perfect mating for the male dog and the female dog,
and the result is very successful.  We never inbreed our dogs or purchase inbred pups and this
means less allergies, cancer, hip/joint issues, etc.  Our sires are outstanding as Tonic is imported
from Russia, champion pedigree, with an excellent on hips/elbows.  Dante is an international
champion himself with so many awards we can't count them all!  He has his clearances of course.   
Many of our pups are trained as therapy dogs.  The breed is amazingly easy to train.

* We will answer any puppy question you have.
* We are knowledgeable about the puppies.
* We welcome you to visit our puppies for sale.
* We care about our puppies for sale.
* We love to talk about our puppies!
We are not all business here! We have tons of fun too!
Give us a call to find out which English Cream Golden Retriever puppies are available!
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